Is Your Date A Criminal?

He may be your average purse snatcher, a budding peeping Tom or a sadistic murderer taking a break from cruising for victims. Whatever their crime, unwittingly going on a date with someone who has criminal intentions could place you in unprecedented danger.

You could be setting yourself up for a con or find yourself on the receiving end of a stalker’s attention. However, how do you tell if your date is a criminal? With no cardboard stuck on their forehead that proclaims your date criminal (duh!), it falls upon you to ferret out the subtle signs that could indicate your date has had some ru-ins with the law.

Whether you decide to continue dating or give it up as a lost cause afterwards is up to you. At least you are informed, right?

Unlike the baffling cases of some unsuspecting prolific murderer’s spouses, it is highly probable that glaringly obvious signs of a criminal history such as multiple arrests and missing former spouses, may not be immediately apparent.

However a few options come to mind. Read the following online dating safety tips below.

Good Old Google….

A blind date or a first date may bring back the sense of mystery and adventure and make you blind to tell tale criminal signs that your date could be showing. To avoid this, doing a simple background check on Google or taking up a few minutes to look them up in the National Sex Offender Database could ease your mind a little. This may not help though if your date is not a suspect at the moment.

He’s too Furtive and Secretive

While you are bound to date a few silent types, when your date conceals every aspect of their lives, doesn’t want to talk about himself or lies outrageously, then he is probably paranoid and does not want his criminal acts or intentions discovered.

Your Date has A Foul Temper

Yes being impolite does not automatically label you a criminal. However, when on a date, you expect your date to be on their best behaviour wanting to charm you. If they instead are belligerent, are irritated by minor things and are downright mean to hapless waitresses, that could indicate a violent nature and you would do well to steer clear.

He Contradicts Himself

If your date had told you some things prior to the date and then proceeds to contradict them while you are on the date, it makes him come off as suspicious. He may have claimed to be jobless only to turn up wearing an expensive Italian suit and behaving in an ostentatious manner in a bid to impress you. This should put you on your guard as he could be living a cushy life funded by exploits from his illegal ventures.

He Mentions Criminal Friends

Yeah folks, it may boil down to the cliché, show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are. A date who makes several admiring mentions of criminal friends or friends who make shady deals could also be part of their clique which only spells trouble for you.

Go With Your Gut Feeling

You may fail to spot all the signs that could indicate your date is a criminal. However, rarely will your intuition fail to warn you so I’d say, trust your instincts!

Many Benefits of Obtaining a Background Check when Dating

As the title of the article suggests, these days it just pays to be a little more aware of who we are meeting and dating. Having dangerous people in our society isn’t a new thing or necessarily a sign of the times, perhaps with the media coverage we have these days we are all just a lot more aware of it.

We live this wonderful life with technology just seconds away from us, our smart phones, laptops, wireless access points, smart televisions and even computers. All of this information is being constantly bombarded on to us in the media, and maybe that’s why it seems that there is a lot more scary people around these days. So with this great technology at our finger tips why aren’t we all using it a little bit more to our own advantage.

Dating Background Checks

To obtain background checks on the people that we date, those that we take into our lives. We meet people online, in cafe’s, at work, schools and social functions, but who are they really? We might know them from friends of friends or even work acquaintances and family but do we really know them? Sometimes we think we do but more often than not, we don’t them at all.

How often are you sitting with friends and talking about dating or relationships and you hear one of your friends say that they split up with someone and it turned out that they were complete psychos. It happens just a little to often for it to be a coincidence, and it’s all something that could have been avoided with just a quick background check.

After all is it really that much of an expense to do a background check on someone compared to how much it would cost financially 12 months down the track.

It’s one thing to put a financial cost onto this but there are certain things that you just can’t put a price on, and that’s yours and your loved ones safety. If you have started to date someone and they just seem to be perfect, you are hitting it off well, then the next likely step is to take them into your life and the lives of those around you.

This could be as simple as introducing them to work friends, or as complicated as bringing them into the lives of children, friends and family.

Often while we are dating we like to see people in perhaps a slightly better light than we would if we were otherwise in a happy relationship. It’s natural human instinct to want to spend our lives with someone special, sometimes that little voice in our heads just doesn’t always pick up on the danger signs around us.

It’s not until a while into the relationship that the cracks start to appear, this often leads to costly and emotional breakups and sometimes people can even be hurt. We often have friends around us who will say afterwards that they could just tell something wasn’t right but were to afraid to say anything and possibly hurt us.

When you obtain a background check on someone what are you really paying for? Peace of mind for you for one thing and knowing that your family and friends are safe for another. It isn’t a lot really to pay for when you put it like that, and if something did go bad down the track, it’s hard to look your self in the mirror knowing you skipped an important step.

So what are we all waiting for? We all need to stop thinking that getting an instant background check done on someone is a bad thing and start realizing that we have the technology and it would be wrong of us not to get the background check done. It isn’t always just us that we have to think about when starting to date someone new for the first time, it’s everyone around us.